Small Groups are designed to help disciples of Jesus grow by applying God’s Word in community. We currently have 4 groups that meet in various locations around Cache and the surrounding area. Each group meets on Sunday Nights and is comprised of 10 to 15 people. The fellowship and friendships built in these groups upon the Word of God and the Spirit of Christ is invaluable.
Graham Home Group
  • Lead by Pastor Trey Graham
  • Sermon discussion and fellowship
  • 5:00pm at the Graham’s Home 
  • Located on the Northwest side of the main  Church Building 
  • Childcare provided
Student Home Group
  • Lead by Naaman Renard
  • Sermon discussion and fellowship
  • 5:00pm at the Renard’s Home
  • Located on the West side of the main Church Building 7th – 12th grade
East Side Small Group
  • Lead by Chuck Kriss
  • RightNow Media Bible Studies
  • 6:00pm at the Ochsner’s Home
  • Located East of Cache
Disciple Life
  • Lead by Dale Brunker
  • A study of spiritual disciplines
  • 5:00pm in the Senior Adult classroom
For more information about our Small Groups please email us at